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NGM is focussing on sustainable solutions for agricultural and construction machines such as excavators, front-loaders and tractors. These machines are normally driven by a diesel engine, which has a negative environment effect due to the exhaust gas pollution. Besides CO2 these machine emit toxic gasses such as nitrogen-oxides, hydrocarbons and fine-dust.

NGM rebuilds existing machines by replacing the diesel engine by an electric motor. In order to power the electric motor, the diesel tank is replaced by a battery package or a hydrogen fuel cell. It is also on option to plug the machine on the existing electricity grid.

The choice for a battery package or hydrogen fuel cell is mainly dependent on the following criteria; is it possible to recharge the machine on the electricity grid when it is not in use? If so a battery package is still een option. The amount of labour the machine needs to perform in between the recharging cycles is determining for the choice between a battery package and a hydrogen fuel cell.

A battery package has a relatively low power density, this means that for a lot of labour, a large amount of batteries are required. The recharging cycles are relatively long, and can take up to 8 hours. Due to these characteristics it makes sense to equip machines with a low power output, and which produce a relatively small amount of labour with a battery package.

The hydrogen fuel cell is a more advanced installation. A fuel cell does not contain moving parts which makes the wear very low, and it reduces the maintenance needed. There are however automated systems installed to keep the fuel cell in top shape, both during use and when not in use. The advantage of a hydrogen installation is the high power density which can be stored in a small tank. Besides that it is possible to fill the tanks in under 5 minutes, after which the machine can directly resume it’s duties. A machine with hydrogen installation is able to work fully off-grid, and 100% pollution free.

NGM selects top quality industrial components in order to secure the reliability of the machine. Together with leading industry suppliers, highly efficient and user friendly machines are developed. The engineering, coordination, assembly and testing will be fully performed by NGM.